Mobile Website Development

A tremendous increase in mobile web traffic generated by the continuous growth of global mobile phone users could drive additional clients to a business if taken into consideration by website owners.

During Black Friday 2011 mobile devices drove 14.3% of all web traffic and 9.8% of all sales.

Our mobile website development company allows our clients to catch visitors who access the website from a mobile device by optimising websites to suit the small screens of mobile devices and match the capabilities of mobile browsers.

Mobile website development by Digiblender is built on the basis of our mobile app and web development services bringing together the experience and in depth understanding of all the ins and outs of mobile and web technologies.

74% of mobile phone users will only wait 5 seconds or less for a page to load.

The usability of a website optimised by our mobile website development specialists will improve the bounce and conversion rates thus driving more cash into your business.

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