iPhone Application Development

Core members of our team have been involved in iPhone application development since the launch of the iPhone SDK (software development kit) in 2008. Our iPhone application developers, designers, user interface specialists, project managers and business analysts ensure straightforward development of any kind of app through all the stages of the iPhone software development process.

315 million cumulative iOS devices had been sold as of December 31st, 2011.

Our iPhone application development company can build apps of any level of complexity with our detailed understanding of such tools, technologies and frameworks as iOS SDK, Xcode, Cocoa Touch, Core Location, Map Kit, Core Data, SQLite, Store Kit, Game Kit, Notification Center (Push Notifications), iAd, Core Animation, OpenGL ES, Quartz 2D and iCloud.

A rich and intuitive user interface is a must for the highly polished iOS platform. Regardless of the type of iPhone application you wish to develop, we’ll make sure it looks great. iPhone users are accustomed to the slick interfaces and intuitive design of the iOS menus. We’ll make sure your application fits right in with the level of quality they’ve come to expect.

37 million iPhones were sold from September 25th to December 31st, 2011.

Understanding of our client’s business is an essential part of iPhone software development at Digiblender. Analysis of requirements is the first step of our development process. This provides a solid base for successful completion of the project.

Games are the most popular type of app in the AppStore. Third-party graphics engines can be used to save lots of redundant iPhone software development of physical and graphic effects. Whether you want to make a simple two-dimensional game or a graphically intense 3D game, our programmers can help your idea become a reality.

By the end of January 2012, iOS developers had earned over 4 billion dollars in total sales.

As an experienced iPhone application development company, we know publishing an application is only half the challenge. Fostering user loyalty and producing new content to keep users interested is essential for maintaining profits in this business. In-app purchases account for huge earnings within the game category of the App Store, and your game can take advantage of this as well. Whether you are producing a paid app or a free app, we can help you market it in a way that will keep your users exited.

Our iPhone application development company will help you streamline the development cycle of your app. We will share our experience, knowledge and skills helping you to design, develop, test, and deploy your iOS project.

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