iPad Application Development

Skills of our iPad application development professionals are based on the iPhone application development experience, as both devices are built on iOS platform. However, our team of iPad software development specialists understand that an iPad is a unique device with different strengths and weaknesses than an iPhone.

The iPad software development team can help you to take advantage of the iPad’s strengths, while working within its limitations, in order to deliver quality apps that look and feel great. All apps are fully optimized for the iPad. The iPad’s larger screen lends itself to more complex interfaces and higher resolution graphics, providing developers with the possibility to create full-featured application designs and unique user experiences.

15 million iPads were sold from September 25th to December 31st, 2011.

An iPad has the power to compete with desktop applications, but also offers greater portability. While it does not make calls or fit in your pocket, an iPad is the perfect medium for educational programs, entertainment apps, productivity tools and especially games.

Whether you are looking to create an iOS application for both devices, to add iPad support to your existing iPhone application or to make an iPad-only application, our iPad application development company has the expertise to turn your idea into reality, with the level of quality and style that iPad users have come to expect from this sleek platform.

As of January 24th, 2012, over 85 million customers had subscribed to iCloud.

Our iPad application development company assists in all stages of iPad application development. We have the experience needed for each step, starting from firming up your initial concept, wireframing/prototyping, designing, building actual app and finally releasing it to the App Store.

New iPad development is streamlined by professional input and experienced developers who know how to make the most of the iPad’s exciting and useful features.

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