How we work

Requirements gathering and project analysis

Every project starts with an idea which must be thoroughly thought over and brainstormed in order to meet your business goals as well as the requirements of the mobile ecosystem.

At this stage our mobile experts meet with you to understand your goals and requirements and to propose solutions which will suit your needs and make your app stand out from other mobile apps.


As we understand the goals and requirements of the app we help you to determine a set of features for the launch of the product and a long-term road map of the project.

It is important to determine every aspect of the project prior to the start of development in order to agree with you on costs and features of the product.

At this stage we produce a proposal which specifies the cost and time required to complete every stage of the project based on the defined project scope. This proposal becomes a development baseline plan. However, we understand that change is inevitable and this baseline plan can change at any stage of the development process.

Wireframing and creative design

We first define the skeleton of the app based on the descriptions produced during previous stages. Our UI specialists create all screens of the future product specifying layouts, alerts, buttons, and so on.

At the next stage the designer fills the wireframes with colours and typography thus creating the feel and look of the final product.

Software architecture and development

Software architects use product descriptions and wireframes to define the technical aspects of the project and to provide developers with all of the details regarding the architecture of the app.

The next major step is the creation of the software. We practice a Scrum-based Agile development process which allows us to deliver frequent builds to you thus preventing disappointment and delays.


We test the software so it works flawlessly on all supported versions of the mobile OS and all the features are in line with the requirements defined during the initial stages of development.


Our technical writers produce a full description of the product in order to help with future upgrades, improvements and maintenance.


We submit your app to the App Store, Android Market or Windows Phone Marketplace using your developer account.


Based on the feedback received after the release of the product, additional fixes or improvements may well be required.